Stories of Health IT Adoption in Public Health

Story Overview - A Collaboration to Define Local Public Health Business Processes

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This project collaboratively defined a set of business processes of local health departments (LHDs) as a first step in defining information system requirements that meet a majority of individual LHD needs.

The project produced described nine business processes, using standard business process analysis tools, such as context and task flow diagramming, and other tools that they developed to assist them in identifying the business processes and tasks of LHDs. They gained confidence in their skills such that many of them were able to teach the skills to their own LHD staffs, who then analyzed and redesigned business processes in their LHD areas. A report describes the project and its outcomes, and includes context diagrams for the nine business processes and a glossary of terms related to the collaborative requirements development methodology.

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  • Stakeholders: State Public Health Agencies
  • Business Processes (Public Health Functions and Essential Services): Develop , Identify , Research
  • HIT Standards: Information Exchange Standards , Information Standards
  • Standardization Activity: Identify domain need
  • Information Technology Products: Information Systems

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